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Going anywhere in Singapore? Let’s drive you around in grand style - in clean, exotic vehicles, limousines! Vimo Services is the pacesetter VIP transportation service provider in Singapore. We cover all transportation needs, including wheelchair transportation. To make things easier for you, we have a mobile app for your smartphone (iOS or Android), and it’s free to download on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

toyota hiace hiroof maxicab wheelchair transport wheelchair taxi with hydraulic lift deployed

Wheelchair Transport

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

  • Airport Arrival Pick up - $85
  • Charter Service - $50/Hour (Min 2)
  • One Way - $22 - $75
  • 1-2 Wheelchair Users
  • 5 Passengers
toyota alphard singapore limousine

6 Seater Maxicab

Toyota Alphard

  • Airport Arrival Pick up - $80
  • Charter Service - $50/Hour (Min 2)
  • One Way - $60
  • 6 Passengers
  • 4 Luggage
toyota hiace 13 seater singapore limousine

13 Seater Maxicab

Toyota Hiace

  • Airport Arrival Pick up - $80
  • Charter Service - $50/Hour (Min 2)
  • One Way - $60
  • 9-13 Passengers
  • 9 Luggage
mercedes e class singapore limousine

Luxury Sedan

Mercedes E Class

  • Airport Arrival Pick up - $80
  • Charter Service - $50/Hour (Min 2)
  • One Way - $60
  • 3 Passengers
  • 2 Luggage
mercedes viano singapore limousine

7 Seater Maxicab

Mercedes Viano

  • Airport Arrival Pick up - $80
  • Charter Service - $50/Hour (Min 2)
  • One Way - $60
  • 7 Passengers
  • 7 Luggage
Not Available
bicycle transport three bicycles in bicycle taxi

Bicycle Transport

Viano / Hiace

  • One Way - $33 - $65
  • 5 Passengers
  • 4 Bicycles
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Singapore Limousine Services

Incorporated in 2017, Vimo Services is a limousine service provider in Singapore, focused on providing tailored executive transportation / Singapore limousine services with a fleet of brand new limousines and other luxury vehicles from Mercedes and Toyota.

We are open to carrying you to any part of Singapore while providing you with tailored services all through your trip. Our Singapore Limousine Services drivers are the best in the industry; we severely scrutinize applications and select the very best drivers and chauffeurs, so we can guarantee your safety while journeying with us.

Our services are for everyone looking to explore Singapore in its entirety or pay a timely visit to some popular monuments. Whether you're just arriving in Singapore and need to meet up with a meeting or event. Vimo Services has a suitable Singapore Limousine Services ride you can book!

Vimo Services’ Singapore limousine fleet comprises exquisite vehicles that are spacious to contain all your team members or family. The vehicles used for our wheelchair transportation services have a dedicated space for wheelchair passengers, while also providing ample space and seats for their family to sit around them all through a trip

We also provide excellent wheelchair transport services for our wheelchair-usage clients. Our wheelchair transport service drivers are trained, and are professionals; they'd take proper care of the wheelchair client, and also provide tailored services.

Every Singapore limousine client is important to us and regarded as a VIP; hence, we treat all our clients equally. However, every client is entitled to what’s included in his/her booking details.

To ensure maximum satisfaction of our clients, our drivers arrive a few minutes earlier than the agreed time so you won't be late to the meeting, event, flight, or concert. We aim to offer punctuality, courtesy, and discretion without sacrificing clients' satisfaction.

The core mission of Vimo Services is to remain the leading VIP Singapore Limousine Services provider in Singapore. With us, you'd enjoy a swift booking experience, custom services, grand-luxury vehicles, a top-of-the-class touring experience around Singapore, and unbeatable affordable prices for all your transportation needs.

Practically, our Singapore limousine services transportations cover weddings and events, airport charter or pickup and others such as bicycle transportation, sightseeing across Singapore, moving from office to hotel or vice versa, adventures or outing chatter, and many more.

wheelchair transport wheelchair user lifted on hydraulic lift

VimoCare Wheelchair Transport Singapore

We offer Singapore's most affordable wheelchair transportation as part of our Singapore limousine services. Pricing starts from $25 - $60 depending on the option you choose in the booking form.

All vehicles used for this service come with a hydraulic lift or sturdy ramp and with safety harnesses and hooks to aid the wheelchair passenger to get on the car easily.  The wheelchair passenger would be comfortable throughout the journey.

NTUC Members are eligible for a $2 discount on their booking price; you can also book on the mobile app.

limousine services seven toyota alphard roadshow

Maxicab / Singapore Limousine Services

We also offer maxicab / luxury Singapore limousine services in Singapore, and our rates are the most competitive. Our executive limousine charter service costs $50 per hour while a single limousine trip costs $60.

Wherever you're going - sightseeing, corporate roadshows, wedding, airport arrivals, and departures, or you to be taken around Singapore for a couple of hours, you can count on us for the most convenient and professional Singapore Limousine Services.

bicycle transport three bicycles in bicycle taxi

Bicycle Transport

Need to transport bicycles to anywhere in Singapore? We'd help you with the delivery, and you'd be sure that no scratch would appear on the bicycles - they'd be delivered exactly as received from your warehouse or store.

Our vehicles for bicycle transportation can contain a maximum of 5 passengers and 4 bicycles. You can book from the mobile app; the waiting time is usually 30 minutes or less.

Types of Singapore Limousine Services We Offer for Charter

  • Corporate Event
  • Wedding charter
  • Roadshows
  • Sightseeing
  • Personal Errands
  • Funeral / Qin Ming Festival

Corporate Event

We offer tailored Singapore limousine services to corporate organizations and agencies. Our transportation solutions and pricing are unique to each organization - based on their needs.

With our limousine in Singapore, we can help you to offer perks to your employees, collaborators, or partners, as well as make your business’ everyday operations easier, and more importantly, more efficient.

Ensure to detail out your corporate needs whole filling the booking form via the app or our website. We’d look through your details and provide the most suitable transportation means that matches your needs.

Wedding Charter

Vimo Services is ready to help make your most precious day a memorable one to remember forever. We would provide sufficient limousine vehicles or maxi cab to convey every invited guest to the wedding and also take them home (if indicated in the booking details).

We also provide the best car and the best, professional driver to drive the groom and bride to the event venue. With us, you’re certain to arrive on time - your guests would arrive on time too.


Arriving in Singapore for the first time? Or do you want to take your foreign friends around your favorite Singapore city? Vimo Services offer a limousine roadshow service to drive you (and your friends) through the beautiful streets of Singapore!

Our drivers are well experienced and they know to drive you around Singapore without being stuck in traffic or encountering any issues throughout the trip. We make you cruise Singapore in a luxury Limousine.


Going on sightseeing tours with your colleagues or friends, or even family? There are pretty many attractive spots to visit around Singapore. Our drivers know these spots and drive you to visit them in a cozy, exquisite limousine. We ensure that you enjoy maximal comfort all through the tour.

Personal Errands

Vimo Services can also help you run personal errands in grand style. Even if you aren’t sure about the exact location of where you’re going, we would help find the place. We guarantee your safety with us, and our drivers are well-trained; they know every nook and cranny of Singapore.

Our limousine or maxi cab drivers would wait on you whenever you need to drop and so shopping; they’d also help with your bags. You don’t need to worry about parking space/charge when you go shopping, we’d handle that.

Funerals / Qing Ming Festival

Going for a funeral or the annual Qing Ming Festival? We can drive you in a classy, new limousine - With Vimo Services Singapore Limousine Services you can give a day, a person, an occasion the importance it deserves.

Our Limousine Airport Pickup Schedule

Meet and Greet

Our Singapore limousine services chauffeur would arrive on time to welcome and greet you as you step out from the transit area.

Flight Monitoring

We offer a one-hour free waiting time after the flight has landed, even if your flight is delayed.

Establish Contact

Our drivers will try to keep in touch with you either through WhatsApp, Viber, Calls, or SMS.

Child Seats Avaliable

If you indicated that you’re coming with kids, we’d provide child and booster seats.

More than
trips In 12 months

How many wheelchair users have benefited?

With our unbeatable wheelchair transport rates, more can afford to engage our services, without undergoing the stress of transferring their loved one from a wheelchair onto a taxi's seat. We have proven to be one of the more reliable wheelchair transport service providers in Singapore. Many have chosen to book with Vimo Services as default for their wheelchair rides. What are you waiting for?

Why Choose Vimo Services luxury limousine service Singapore?

  • Our prices are open - no hidden charges, and you won't need to pay again after you have made your booking.
  • We offer very affordable premium transportation services
  • Our fleet comprises luxury cars, and we work with the best chauffeur drivers
  • Vimo Services is active always to process your booking and take you to wherever you wish to be at any time.
  • All our vehicles have dedicated space for luggage
  • Your safety is our priority, and our drivers would ensure that you arrive on time for your meeting, event, or purpose.
What Again?

Vimo Services is the #1 VIP limousine services provider in Singapore, and we use the best, luxury vehicles you'd ever want to drive in. We guarantee your safety and also guarantee that our vehicles provide enough space for any kind of activity such as having a brief meeting inside the car while heading to an event with your team.

All vehicles in our fleet are top-class - built with the best engines and feature exquisite interiors. Our drivers are professionals and well experienced. Also, we offer the best pricing for all kinds of transportation without any hidden charge. To make bookings easy for our clients, we have launched our mobile app, which is available for free for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Get in touch with us if you need to talk with a customer service rep for specific transportation needs or clarification about our services. Our preferred mode of communication is email

What is a Limousine Service?

Limousine transportation service means to cruise in big, spacious, luxury vehicles charged at hourly rates or per trip.

What is the price of Singapore limousine services?

Vimo Services Singapore limousine services is charging $50 per hour for charter services and $60 per one-way.

Are there limos in Singapore?

Yes. Vimo Services, like many others, is offering standard Singapore limousine services. 

Where can I book for Stretch Limousine?

What is the difference between a limo and a limousine?

They are the same. Limo is a noun and it means big and expensive vehicle. And it is a short-form for limousine. 

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